Grace Community Fellowship has 1,280 books covering subjects on marriage and family, church history, biographies, theology, book studies, and more.

Currently, all the books are cataloged by author located on the church's website. You can either browse the authors and titles, or look for specific books.

Checking out Books

  1. Find the book you want.
  2. E-mail ( ) stating your name, phone number, and what book you want.
  3. The next Sunday, you will be given the book.
  4. You have 4 weeks before returning the book.     

Additional Notes

  • Two books are allowed to be checked out at one time. 
  • If the book is lost or damaged, please replace it. 
  • Please do not write in the books or leave them in direct sunlight. 
  • Please do not fold the corner(s) of the pages as a bookmark.